This product is a digital download and does NOT include a tarot reading from me. This is for anyone who wants to pull cards for themselves at home and work with their reading in a more in depth and creative way. Each download includes 6 pages.


Lunar tarot was birthed out of a love for two separate wisdom's - two guidance systems -that when brought together, I believe, can give greater insight to ourselves.


Through tarot we are able to see ourselves reflected back without charge or judgement, giving us the ability to see ourselves objectively, and guide us towards a more balanced self.


We use the moon cycles as a way to develop and evaluate intentions, adding depth to your tarot reading. Being able to track your readings monthly to see what’s continuing to show up can give you greater understanding to patterns you’re holding on to and the underlying energy of your life during this cycle.


Whether you choose to honor these cycles every month or are looking for clarity just on this present moment, we will work with the moon and the tarot to create an individualized experience for you that you can look back on and build off of.

Journal Pages - Lunar Tarot - New Moon


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